Music Nomad MN303 Humitar Case Humidifier Grey/Black

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Ensure the safety and quality of your instrument with Music Nomad's The Humitar Case Humidifier. With familiar features to their soundhole humidifier, including a Humid-i-Bar sponge that holds 10x its weight in water and anti-drip material, you get plenty of moisture that is safely released, thanks to the case version's holster that securely attaches to the inside of your case. If you want your guitar to sound just as great as the day you first picked it up, then keep it properly maintained with the Humitar Case Humidifier by Music Nomad. Features:
  • Long Lasting - Low Maintenance
  • Re-usable Sponge
  • Anti-Drip - No Mess Material
  • Sponge Holds 10x its weight in water
  • Case Holster With Strong Adhesive Backing Securely Holds Humitar
  • Safely Releases Moisture