Suhr Dual Boost Transparent Clean Boost & Buffer

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We loved the versatility of this pedal right from the outset! Despite offering a great, highly transparent clean boost, this two stage pedal can easily push the front end of your amp (or existing overdrive pedals) into a thick, chunky crunch. With extremely impressive stacking capabilities, it will also fit seamlessly into your signal chain and compliment other stompboxes.

"The Dual Boost features two independent modes, (each with their own Boost and Hi-Cut controls), a global Boost Range switch (+10dB/+20dB), and our proprietary mfx (Multi-Function Technology) switching. No matter what your needs may be, the Dual Boost offers a comprehensive solution to preserving and boosting your signal without changing or coloring your original tone."

Dual Channel Clean Boost/Buffer/Line Driver
Independent Boost and Hi-Cut Controls
Selectable Global Boost Range Switch (+10dB/+20dB)
Ultra Low Distortion, Low Noise Components Selected For Superior Signal Transparency
Internal Charge Pump - Increased Headroom and Dynamic Range
Assignable Bypass: Buffered/True Bypass