Fender 52 telecaster Relic Custom Shop Masterbuilt Todd Krause Violin Burst (R127134)

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  • Body- Ash
  • Finish- Lac
  • Color- Violin Burst
  • Color Option- Faded
  • Neck Like- 51 Nocaster cc/Relic
  • Neck Finish- Fl Ct Lac Med Tint
  • Neck Blank- Maple Plain Grain
  • Truss Rod- 50s
  • Tuners- Vint w/ Fender Logo Relic
  • Fret Wire- Medium Vintage
  • Face and Sidedots- Micarta Black
  • Dot Spacing- Narrow
  • Radius- 7.25-9.50 Compound Radius
  • Nut- Bone 1.630"
  • Decal- Vint Silver Fender Tele
  • Hardware- Tele 51-54 w/o pu relic
  • Output- Vintage Tele
  • Nack Plate- Vintage Tele Relic
  • String Tree- Vint disk 50-55 relic
  • Pickguard- 51 nocaster relic
  • Controls- Modern Tele Relic
  • Switch tip- Am Vint Tele Relic
  • Knobs- 51 Tele knurled chr relic
  • Neck pu- HW 51 nocaster nk relic
  • Bridge pu- HW 51 nocaster brg relic
  • Neck Notes- Roasted plain maple mpl neck, #61 1950 blackguard back shape, roll fb edges before fretting
  • Body Notes- Am vintage body perimiter, no wire channel on body top, thin lacquer